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Think Bigger, Go Bolder, Be Louder

Photographer Gabrielle de Kok sets the new standard for women in modern image (pop) culture Versdenkers regularly run into talent… for example in the training sessions. For example, in our Content Creation and Visual Communication training, we recently discovered a young photographer with a special mission. She came to us for inspiration about image strategy, but in turn inspired us […]

We Love Roffa: Trendy Rotterdam as inspiration for brands

In case you haven't noticed yet: Rotterdam is hip, inspiring and totally trendy. Because 010 is our home base, we regularly see brands and companies that try to respond to the Rotterdam trend. A few fun and less successful examples, according to Versdenkers, especially for you. From raw working-class city to hip metropolis of Rotterdam, the […]

How to strategically use Instagram Stories for your brand: nine tips

Instagram Stories: 24 hours to seduce your fans While Facebook seems to be losing popularity in recent years, Instagram is gaining more and more ground. The rapid development of Instagram Stories in particular offers a lot of creative possibilities that make us very happy at Versdenkers. Therefore, here are our tips for making […]

This is how you make your event unforgettable with guerrilla marketing

How do you ensure that visitors will be talking about your event for days to come? A strong substantive program that perfectly matches the needs of your target group is the cornerstone of every event. But besides the content, there are other important ingredients for success. Think of the total experience, a creative theme that stimulates the senses and […]

From Z to Alpha: Marketing for Consumers of the Future

The oldest members of Generation Z (born after 1995) have only reached adulthood in 2018. Nevertheless, researchers and trend forecasters are already busy with the next generation. Generation Alpha, born after 2010, now aged between 0 and 8. What are the differences and similarities between the generations Z […]

Be inspired by Vincent: a digital walk through the Van Gogh museum

With just a few mouse clicks you can now enjoy the digital collection of the Van Gogh museum at home on the couch. A golden tip for all lovers of Van Gogh's artworks. Traveling to Amsterdam to admire that one rare drawing is no longer necessary. More than 1000 inspiring works of art online Vincent Van […]

Modern pop-up books as inspiration: from paper artworks to augmented reality

As a creative marketer or designer you are always looking for original angles and striking ideas. For example, we recently found new inspiration in an article in My Modern Met about pop-up books. The first thing that comes to mind may be the modern children's books. However, pop-up books are also an exciting literary format for all ages. […]

Disability inclusive marketing: three taboo-breaking examples

In advertising land a shift is slowly visible and it is called disability inclusive marketing. In this article three beautiful taboo-breaking examples from the clothing industry. Whether you are the average school mom, the sporty dad, the girl next door who is in a wheelchair or the mentally handicapped niece, one thing is certain: we all go to the supermarket […]

Witty inhakers at the World Cup? Make sure to play within the lines

The World Cup in Russia has started. Without Orange. No cheering suits, no orange beer, no wuppies and dressing up fun. It is orange free in advertising land. But still.. as a creative, marketer, copywriter or designer you can respond to it nicely. Are you already thinking up witty hacks for the World Cup? Pay attention to the legal hooks and […]

This is how you write more creatively for Facebook ads – tips and strategies

Creating compelling Facebook ads remains a challenge. When you get started with advertising on Facebook, the first thing you might think of is the right target group selection. Or you start brainstorming about catchy visual material. But do you pay just as much attention to the accompanying copy? Because copywriting is also an important aspect of […]

The 80's design revival: from airbrush to neon

The observant trend follower has known for a long time that it is coming.. and yet it is wonderful to see it actually happen. What I'm talking about... about the 80's revival in design. The 80's are back in visual communication, from the Stranger Things poster to the neon glow 3d lettering […]

This is what you get when 75 creatives think about rebranding Europe

Rebranding Europe: from effective framing of successes to paying attention to resistance and indignation. Why would you have 75 creatives think about the rebranding of Europe? Because Europe is not hip and happening. Especially not among younger generations who do not fully believe in the European message of peace, cooperation and solidarity. The following question was central during Eurolab: How […]

Thought leaders are better for your brand than influencers

It's time to address the elephant in the room: Influencers don't really influence anything or anyone! I read an interesting article this week by Elinor Cohen about influencers. It deals with the concept of 'influence' and the fundamental difference between 'influence' and 'thought leadership'. Influencers are about followers, thought leaders are about expertise and knowledge. Elinor writes: […]

Why concept development is so important? Because blunders weaken your brand.

Why concept development is so important? Because blunders weaken your brand. You can anticipate risks by examining your concept from as many interpretations as possible. Does it fit the target group and is the message really honest? Aren't we driven by cheap opportunism? Estimate your chances and, stay critical and be sure that […]

A good creative briefing, that's how you write it. With a downloadable example

A good creative briefing, that's how you write it. With a downloadable example Suppose you want to have a communication expression developed; a website, a social media campaign or a creative design. Then you sometimes work together with creatives from external agencies, for example when you do not have the expertise in-house. Outsourcing can be very attractive, […]

At the retrospective of David Hockney

Long before my trip to New York, I was already looking forward to the retrospective exhibition of David Hockney. I was already introduced to his work during art history classes in high school and I became mesmerized by the strong, minimal compositions, thin colors and the mystery behind the performance. His canvases, often larger than […]

Verdenkers professional vlog – Vision & Concept in communication

There are a number of topics that come up in the concept development training as a stumbling block for creatives. One of these is the relationship between vision and concept. I'll explain. The first sets the boundaries, the second takes maximum freedom within them. opposites? Or just sisters in crime! Today I will explain how to […]

23 international magazines and websites looking for your stories

Are you a (starting) blogger or copywriter? Then being published on paper or online is definitely on your bucket list. In this article you will find good tips for writers with international ambitions. 23 places where you can present your work. The list on The Writelife includes a mix of magazines and sites in different genres and styles, […]

Now everyone is a designer. Commissioning and collaboration in 2018.

“Design is no longer just the primacy of the designers. You used to have professional product designers, graphic designers and a whole host of other types of designers. Now everyone is a designer.” A very informative piece on the website of the Brabant Knowledge Center for Art and Culture about the changing relationship between client and designer. The information comes from the BNO, […]

Nature can't be forced? Yet it succeeds Gavin Munro

He paused for a moment and thought, “Shit, I got what I asked for. I am a chair farmer. Nature can't be forced? Nevertheless, after more than 10 years of experimenting, Gavin Munro manages to grow trees in the form of chairs. Munro wanted to change the way people think about manufacturing. In […]

Why didn't I think of that!

Why didn't I think of that! You know that feeling? Sure. If you work creatively within any art form, you run into this. You see something of someone else and it hits like a bomb. And not in a positive, inspiring way. New. In a jealous way. So beautiful! So simple! Precisely […]

hamon shu; a sea of inspiration

hamon shu; a sea of inspiration This (online) book brings together the beautiful sea and wave designs of the Japanese artist Mori Yuzan. His seas, waves and wave patterns have inspired other artists for decades. Including myself. Not much is known about Mori Yuzan, except that he was from Kyoto, worked in the Nihonga style and […]

Next time you're walking through the woods, look up.

High Sammie look up! The next time you walk through the forest, look up and be surprised. Crown shyness. A naturally occurring phenomenon that prevents the upper branches of some tree species from touching. It was first observed in 1920 and since then various theories have been […]

David McCandless's amazing infographics combine information, function, form and story.

David McCandless's amazing infographics combine information, function, form and story. His work has a permanent place in our Content Creation training, as an inspiring example of how to achieve good infographics. I don't want to withhold this video about how he makes his data visualizations. “I've created a lot of data and […]

Is it difficult to assess a concept? A good idea is never without AMMO!

Is it difficult to assess a concept? A good idea is never without AMMO! Any professional knows that when assessing concepts, you should stay away from discussions about taste or gut feeling. And come up with sensible arguments. But which? With the AMMO! tool I list them all for you. So yes; now you can […]

Would you like to stand out and score with your target group with a small budget? It's possible with Guerrilla marketing

Would you like to stand out and score with your target group with a small budget? It is possible with Guerrilla Marketing. Five strategies. By Frank Paats Jan is on holiday in England. With bags in each hand, he descends the escalator in a shopping center. Jan looks down for a moment, but then he is shocked! The escalator does not end […]

Curious about the presentation of the Versdenkers guerrilla drink? Download it here

On October 22, Frank Paats, marketing provocateur, showed us the highlights of Guerrilla marketing. We don't want to withhold this from you. Scroll down to download. During the Versdenkers Guerrilla drink, Frank shared with us: the 5 strategies to score with your target group with playful marketing, and the top 3 success factors to […]

This is how your brain experiences art. An immersive online experience from the Washington Post

This is your brain on art I don't want to withhold this publication from the Washington Post. Immerse yourself in the beautiful online experience in which you learn how the brain experiences art expressions such as dance and music. “When you go to the ballet — or any other show — you're entering into a highly controlled experience. […]

How do you harvest ideas in fluid teams? Keep it accessible with E-storming

Creativity isn't just preserved until the team that happens to have the right sign on the door. The idea of fluid teams is gaining ground. Now the question arises how you can harvest ideas in your own organization among a group of colleagues spread over several teams. In my conversations with clients […]

A dummy as creativity training. 7 good reasons to get started

A dummy is a perfect creativity training Dummies by artists and illustrators are always very inspiring to see. But why not keep such a sketchbook as a creative in an organization? Doing it yourself is a perfect creativity training. I'll give you no less than 7 good reasons to get started. Solo..or with […]

The Versdenkers guerrilla drink

Guerrilla marketing is an artform and so Versdenkers loves it. In 30 minutes Frank Paats, marketing provocateur, gives you the highlights. Have a drink, be inspired and also learn something from it. That's the Versthinkers Guerilla drink. What do you gain from it? – 5 strategies to score with your […]

Learn to brainstorm like a googler in 3 steps

This is the deceptively simple, three-step process by which Google creates its most innovative ideas. Nice article on Fast Company about how Google shapes brainstorming sessions with employees. I've written before about the ideal combination of personalities in brainstorms. But of course there are all kinds of ways to optimize your result. Google does it like this: 1 Know […]

A football table does not necessarily make your organization creative

Organizations that want to become more creative have to look beyond just setting up a football table or ball pit. They're just artifacts; obvious expressions that the public easily swallows as a symbol of creativity. So window dressing. Building a truly creative culture that is necessary to continue to innovate is difficult for many leaders. According to this article from […]

Retro advertising – online museums to the max

Does that one campaign from then haunt your head or are you looking for inspiration in retro? Search no further. If you blog or teach about advertising and you sometimes need images from the old campaign box. You will find a wealth of inspiration at Ads of the World, Retro-advertising and Coloribus. Vintage advertisements from the […]

Why creativity and structure are a golden couple

Why creativity and structure are a golden couple. I have written several blogs about what being creative actually means. What is romanticized is the image of the creative as a loose cannon, the untamed beast, the enfant terrible. A creative is by definition not a numerical control freak who uses sticky notes and spreadsheets to […]

What can museums do with storytelling? Focus on experience, participation and spreadability

What can museums do with storytelling? Focus on experience, participation and spreadability In my training courses, cultural institutions and museums occasionally pop up. Recently I was allowed to give a training Concept Development/Storytelling at the Zuiderzee Museum. Agencies that design exhibitions also sometimes come to us for inspiration for beautiful concepts. What I get is that museums […]

How do you tempt young people to give? Three key motivators

How do you tempt young people to give? I regularly receive professionals who work within charities in the Concept Development and Content Creation training courses. Because charities are extremely dependent on donations, fundraisers are constantly looking for the golden egg: the ultimate campaign that persuades young people to donate money, preferably for a longer period of time. And that […]

Loving Vincent. Great mix of technique and passion

Loving Vincent. I can't wait for this movie to hit theaters in September. A great mix of technique and passion. In an earlier blog I wrote about a project in which artists imitate each other's style and in this superb animation about Vincent van Gogh his handwriting has been copied to the extreme. The […]

Charles Bukowski: How to Stand out in a Noisy World

“We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.” What a great article from Zat Rana on About the unique man that was Charles Bukowski. But actually, more deeply, about how important your personal authenticity is in a world that seems eager to […]

To lick your fingers so beautiful

Digital illustrator Chris Labooy creates radical digital experimentation with cars. Finger licking good, these works by Chris Labrooy. It contains so many elements that I find beautiful and good. Retro cars, imaginative scenarios, quirkiness, super sleek design, and also a lick of humor. Since its first Auto Aerobics series, Labroos has a […]

Being always busy kills your creativity

Creativity is often mentioned as one of the most important skills in our time. But attention is one of the most luxurious and valuable. In an age where we are constantly online, always on, and can be distracted by work everywhere, it is almost impossible to concentrate for long periods of time. One of the […]

Art and advertising, one feeds the other

Art and advertising have a mutually beneficial relationship. And I always like to show that they can sit close to each other. One discipline feeds the other. Because the resources and budgets available for advertising are generally broader than those of many artists, the elaboration can be extremely artistic. Good advertising can […]

How do you stay motivated when working solo? 4 tips 

Artists, designers, writers and other creatives often thrive on isolation. It is necessary to let their creativity flow. But that same isolation can be detrimental if motivation wanes. As an independent creative it is sometimes a challenge to keep your motivation up. After all, and thank God, you don't have a manager above you who […]

Soon you can also be swiped away in the virtual world

In virtual reality we are still tied to joysticks and that is the eighties. So a new glove has been developed at the University of California, San Diego. And he can recognize gestures. Convert all 26 letters of American Sign Language (ASL) into text and transmit it to a computer or smartphone. The glove is poetically called “The Language […]

How important is creativity in the workplace for Generation Z?

Generation Z, who are they exactly? These are the young people who were born around the millennium, from 1996. Really young people. And those are the employees of the future. Room for creativity and self-expression ranks high on the wish list of Generation Z. It is a mix of makers, hackers and creative thinkers. Understandable, […]

You increase employee engagement with art

Employee engagement is a big thing. Now that it is high on the agendas, art is also being looked at as a driver. How does that work? In the Netherlands, art partnering is a growing phenomenon among larger organizations. But the smaller ones aren't lining up yet to get involved with art. In America it is faster. […]

Art is an endless source of inspiration for campaign makers

Oliver Latta's absurd animations are going to generate great ideas for your brand.'s not easy to watch artist Oliver Latta's animations for a long time. They cause me a sick feeling in the stomach .. a look away reaction. But oh what a wealth of ideas can be gained from this for brands. Source of inspiration Now say […]

Color psychology in branding – that differs per industry

Color psychology is an essential part of branding and logo design. And if you're a designer, you've probably looked at the relationship between brand values and colors. So much for sliced cake. But did you also know that the emotional impact of colors depends on the industry in which they are applied? This infographic from […]

Social responsibility and commerce

Can social responsibility and commerce go together? It is a trend for brands to talk less and less about products and more about themes that they find important or that fit with the brand. Heineken is spreading a great message of acceptance with its Worlds Apart campaign. The other side of the coin is that important themes are used […]

Artists imitate each other's visual language

Nice project! The magazine This is Antwerp brought together international artists who copied each other's work for a set of shiny postcards. Interesting, this is about analyzing visual language. Exactly what we pay attention to in the Content Creation and Concept Development courses. Visual language is just as essential for a brand as it is for an artist. Organizations […]

Only when you realize it, you see it

The ripeness factor, some politicians and negotiators excel at it. Concept developers cannot do without either. Do you want people to pick up your (product) idea, then feeling momentum is half, no, all the work. Ripeness is not much different than recognizing a 'ripe' moment. And then you immediately understand why the term comes from […]

How do you come up with that? With these 4 tips you can too!

You sometimes get the impression that artists and other creatives get their ideas straight from the cosmos. Nonsense of course. Fortunately, because it means you can learn it too. I? Yes you. 4 tips with which you train your own creativity. When it comes to creative or artistic result, people sometimes act as if […]

Want to get results from your brainstorming? Form a dream team with Ockels, Gunster and Lady Gaga

This is how you form a dream team for a successful brainstorm. Featuring Ockels' expert enthusiasm, Gunster's inversion art and Lady Gaga's inner drive to create. Just last week; one of my contacts indicated that the brainstorms in her team yield so few new and useful ideas. Frustrating of course, because if […]

Are you a designer? With these 4 tips you can build better customer contact

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. A proverb that you can always pull out of your pocket if you can't agree on which painting is the most beautiful in an exhibition. As a designer, you also encounter it in your dealings with customers. Because they sometimes look at an image purely for taste, and […]

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