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Suspects has a CRKBO registration (Central Register Short Vocational Education) and is included herein for short vocational training. This registration allows Versdenkers to invoice participants VAT-free (if desired).

Versdenkers stimulates strategic creativity in organizations and professionals. We do this through training and coaching. It was set up in 2012 by Lisa van Noorden.

Organizations often focus on risk-averse behaviour. That is why Versdenkers teams up with trainers who also work as an actor, artist, designer or musician. They look at the world from an unexpected angle and come up with new solutions through their art practice. Strategically deploying this creativity creates room for innovation. 

Lisa and the other Versdenkers trainers are rigorous freethinkers, rooted in art, theatre, music and design. But also with extensive experience in the corporate world. They are excellent trainers with a keen eye for commercial interests. With that broad view, they enrich the knowledge of corporate and cultural professionals, teams and organisations.

Who does Versdenkers work with

Versdenkers has worked with Discovery Channel, Heineken, Greenpeace, Algemeen Dagblad, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ministry of the Interior, Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam, Fontys Hogeschool, Meeus, Rabobank, T-mobile, Reaal, Plan Nederland, Schuttelaar and Partners, AVRO , Ortec Finance, CBRE, Stadgenoot, Red Cross, Radio538, Ned.Omroep, Rutgers FPW, Vrumona, Wakker Dier, Sodexo and many creative entrepreneurs.

Fresh thinking is a cocktail of vision, creativity and a shot of courage

About Lisa van Noorden.

Lisa van Noorden is a creative strategist and visual artist. She graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy. After having worked as an illustrator for 10 years, she followed a second training as an interaction designer. She became a junior designer, later art director. I also enjoyed working as a teacher at the Willem de Kooning Academy and the Hague University of Applied Sciences. All the while she remained active in the arts, with exhibitions at home and abroad and works of art in public spaces.

By working in sectors with apparently conflicting interests, she realized that there is much more creativity in people and organizations than is used. With Versdenkers she mines and activates that creative capital.

Huub Koch wrote about the work of Lisa van Noorden and Versdenkers:
Creativity is still an underdeveloped skill in organizations. And therein lies the innovation.
The interview appeared on the Entrepreneur in 2019:  In this way Versdenkers exploits creativity as a core business.

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