Our team of fresh thinkers will sharpen your creativity

Versdenkers are experienced teachers who assist you and your team in your professional development. We are professionals with extensive experience in the field plus a background in autonomous artistic thinking. As a musician, actor, filmmaker, artist or writer. Because that is what Versdenkers is about; free and innovative thinking within a strategic context.

  • Lisa van Noorden
    Lisa van Noorden Founder, trainer

    Lisa van Noorden is a creative strategist and artist. With Versdenkers she strengthens creativity in the corporate and creative sector.

    Her goal is to bridge the gap between corporate thinking and artistic thinking. So that you use the power of creativity to optimally market your brand. In addition, Lisa coaches organizations in their positioning, branding and working methods. Lisa trains Concept development.

  • Dzenita Camo
    Dzenita Camo Communication, trainer

    Dzenita Camo is an experienced communications consultant, media producer and trainer with a great passion for art and film.

    Dzenita is on top of innovation in communication and media, trends, art and advertising. She writes about it in our social media and on us popular Versdenkers blog. In the training Concept development she trains creative thinking techniques such as Scampering and Mind Mapping. She also trains Vlog and video for companies.

  • Cindy Mirande
    Cindy Mirande Trainer

    All-round creative strategist Cindy Mirande has more than 25 years of experience with creative communication solutions and education.

    She is a specialist in exploring new opportunities in the market and shaping innovation processes and identity. With her inspiring approach, she gets people and brands talking and moving. Cindy trains Trend Watching and Brand Storytelling and Content Strategy.

  • Vincent Mirck
    Vincent Mirck Trainer

    Vincent Mirck has over 20 years of experience as a
    editor, content specialist and songwriter. Creativity is his main focus in life.

    Vincent gives the Copywriting training. He previously worked for KPN and Rabobank, and now at VodafoneZiggo. He passes on all that experience to our participants. Full of practical tips, striking examples and fun assignments.

  • Richard Roling
    Richard Roling Trainer

    Richard Roling is a full-time trainer, actor and moderator. He provides Storytelling training for Versdenkers. His motto: Who said that pleasure wasn't functional?

    Richard supports organizations with change processes, communication issues and team building. In all his projects he uses theater to get people moving. The right tone creates an open atmosphere where everyone feels heard.

  • Theresa Hartgers
    Theresa Hartgers Trainer

    Theresa Hartgers is a very experienced and passionate Illustrator. She often works as a live draftsman at events and company meetings.

    Theresa is an expert visual note taking and business drawing. Like no other she summarizes the essence of a meeting or strategy in catchy, simple drawings. She draws business with passion and insight, and she likes to pass this on to other professionals.

  • Frank Paats
    Frank Paats Trainer

    Frank has specialized in the art of making contact as an art director and idea creator since 1988. 

    In the Nudging & Guerrilla Marketing Workshops Frank teaches you how to encourage your target group to behave in a positive way. And how to get the most out of this with striking communication. He also published a book with Joyce Meuzelaar: Gift from Heaven, with dozens of inspiring business gifts.

  • Liz Vedder
    Liz Vedder Trainer

    Leadership coach Liz Vedder literally and figuratively gets people in motion.

    The strength of Liz Vedder is that she quickly understands the essence of a leadership dilemma on a strategic, tactical and personal level. She literally and figuratively gets people in motion. Liz specializes in leadership and change management and coaches managers, professionals, teams and organizations with great enthusiasm.

  • Nieuw teamlid
    New team member Creative, visionary, proactive

    Do you want to team up with Versthinkers?

    Are you a specialist in your field, with a passion for creative thinking? Do you have a teaching program or an idea that suits our target group? And also experience with training?
    Mail lisa@versdenkers.nl or call 0619 598 987.