Want to lead a creative team? That's how you handle it

Want to lead a creative team? That's how you handle it

Creatives are eager, want to develop quickly, add value and look beyond the dot on the horizon. That's the nature of the beast. In the capricious media market, creative teams must be agile, with analytical, design and innovative thinking skills. That requires a flexible playing field. Creating this playing field is the task of the team leader. He or she offers the right mix of inspiration, guidance and structure. A fertile ground for innovative ideas. But how exactly do you go about doing that? In our training Leading Creatives we start from these six basic rules.

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A specific skillset; 6 basic rules

1. Be an inspiring leader

No, you should definitely not be the floating guru. As an inspiring leader you know how to empower your team members by practical coaching and support. Create a positive, open atmosphere where there is room for inspiration. Keep your team informed and involve them in decision-making. That is the basis for committed team members and top performances. And don't forget, you are the example for your team, so: practice what you preach.

2. Lead your creative orchestra like a conductor

With an authoritarian, coercive leadership style, you nip creativity in the bud. So lead your team like a conductor of an orchestra. respect and stimulate everyone's own unique creativity, but keep them in line. That also means that you are sharp, observe well and can switch quickly. Is something wrong? Then take your responsibility. And especially reward the beautiful symphonies.

“…creativity involves a large number of people from different disciplines working effectively together to solve a great many problems.” – Ed Catmull, Walt Disney Animation Studios

3. Set clear boundaries

Creatives need a certain amount of freedom to hear the muse. That doesn't mean there shouldn't be any guidelines or boundaries at all. Limitations can actually be good for creativity. And they both have structure and clarity. Otherwise, you are more likely to experience creative chaos than creative harmony. See how to meet the client's deadlines. Communicating well about the guidelines, restrictions and deadlines is your most important task in this. Make sure that everyone is well informed from the start and that they are quickly updated when things change.

4. Work agile

Think fast, switch quickly, produce quickly. That is the dynamics of the modern work field, and certainly for creative teams. Managing that workload in the right direction, meeting deadlines and performing, requires a sharp project manager. It is your job to keep processes transparent, with room for brainstorming, switching and deviating. Appropriate for the capricious thought process of the creative mind. Therefore, embrace agile forms of project management.

5. Create a peer culture

A little competition can be good for some teams. Not so with creative teams. That is where it can cause frustration and tension. Creative teams have a peer culture necessary. Working together and creating cool things together, that's the atmosphere you should stimulate as a team leader. Banish the lone inventor myth. The best innovations are puzzles that many hands have worked on.

6. Help your team members realize their creative dreams

Every creative has dreams and personal goals that they hope to fulfill one day. The designer may want to develop his own font, the copywriter sees his name on a cover. Ask your team members about their creative dreams and help them make them come true. The free flow of creative energy that is released can have a mind-blowing effect on daily work.

Make your ambitions come true with Leading Creatives

Is your ambitious dream to lead a creative team? Then Versdenkers' Leading Creatives training is for you.

Leading Creatives is the first learning program in the Netherlands that specifically addresses the development towards manawent creative. It is a practical small group 15-day training program, spread over three modules with a duration of 6 months. Challenging and concrete. And easy to combine with daily work. The next group will start in February 2022. Download the program through this link.

Interested? For a no-obligation discussion, please contact leder@versdenkers.nl. Or sign up for one of the free knowledge sessions on October 22 or November 12.

Author: Dzenita Camo
cover photo: freepik.com

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