4 cool guerrilla marketing campaigns from our own soil


Would you like to stand out in a surprising way among your target group and with the media with a modest budget? You do that with guerrilla marketing. A fresh marketing technique with which you can create a lot of attention from the media and the public within a short time. One surprising piece of brand experience. That can also be fun. Guerrilla marketing is a license to let your imagination run wild. With your marketing strategy as the basis.

How do you devise a guerrilla marketing campaign?

As with all other marketing activities, it is important to first determine what you want to achieve with the guerrilla marketing campaign. What role does this campaign play in your marketing strategy? Guerrilla marketing can be used, for example, to increase brand awareness and brand recognition.

Once the strategic basis and purpose of the campaign is clear, let your creativity run wild. Organize a creative brainstorming session with your team to collect ideas. Brainstorming techniques that you can use include mind mapping and associative thinking.

A good guerrilla marketing campaign fulfills a number of characteristics. You will find it below. Keep these characteristics in mind when developing your campaign. If you score well on all five points, success is almost inevitable.

  • In public places, often in the outdoor area
  • In unexpected places
  • Creates buzz and free publicity
  • Creates an experience for the public
  • Contains a dose of humor

Cool Dutch guerrilla marketing campaigns

For inspiration, here are some examples of homegrown guerrilla campaigns.

Bavaria Babes

For the first example, we look back to the 2010 World Cup. Bavaria, which was not an official sponsor and was therefore not allowed to make any advertising, used a Trojan horse to generate publicity. The beer brand had already put itself in the spotlight by introducing an orange World Cup dress for the female fans. A hit in Orange country. This dress became the secret weapon for their guerrilla marketing campaign. During matches, Bavaria placed groups of female spectators in the audience. At one point in the match, these Bavaria Babes unveiled the eye-catching orange cheer dresses beneath their regular attire. The groups of cheering pretty ladies in the audience naturally attracted media attention. Bavaria did violate the sponsor rules and received a hefty fine. But that only created more buzz around the brand.

The Boys Graffiti wall and wild paste campaign

In order to promote the second season of the successful anti-superhero series The Boys in the Netherlands, Amazon opted for a striking guerrilla campaign in 2020. One expression was an insanely huge graffiti wall in the center of Rotterdam. You can see what that looked like in the video below.
In addition to the graffiti wall, a billboard campaign was also launched. Striking posters of The Boys brightened up poles and walls of various Dutch cities.

Anytime Fitness Eindhoven

Anytime Fitness also decided to go on a superhero tour at the opening of their new location in Eindhoven. Together with a flyer team, the purple-clad 'Anytime superhero' visited shops and businesses to introduce them to the benefits of working out at the club. What that looked like see you in this facebook video.

Rabobank mortgage promotion

Rabobank opted for a simple and striking guerrilla campaign to sell their mortgage products. In various places in Amsterdam, including houses for sale, a reversed graffiti text was sprayed on the sidewalk: “Found a dream house in Amsterdam? Free orientation? Call Rabobank 06 15681497”. A to-the-point message that is not to be missed and on which you can take action on the spot. View all expressions here.


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Author: Dzenita Camo
cover photo: freepik.com

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